The 2021 NASCAR playoffs are upon us. Here's everything you need to know about the 10-week action-packed postseason!

#5 The format

#5 The format

The NASCAR Cup Series has used a variety of points systems in the past, including miles traveled, points accumulated, and the mainstream format we have now. For those who don’t know, 16 Cup drivers will compete over the next 10 weeks to determine who will come away with the NASCAR Cup Series championship.

The format goes like this. There will be four rounds, three of which will consist of three races. The last round will be a four-driver duel in the desert of ISM Speedway in Phoenix. To get there, however, drivers will have to avoid each round's cutoff line, which removes the four lowest-ranked drivers from the postseason.

Drivers can avoid the cutoff line in two ways. The first way is to build a good enough points cushion to outdo the lowest-performing drivers in the playoffs. The second would be to win one of the races and get a guaranteed spot in the next round. The process repeats until there are four drivers left to compete in a heads-up points battle. This basically means the highest finisher among the Final 4 wins the championship.

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