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#5 Kyle Busch not happy with next gen car

#5 Kyle Busch not happy with next gen car

Las Vegas native Kyle Busch has always had a way of stating his opinion in the bluntest way possible, and it has turned him into one of the most polarizing drivers in NASCAR history. Unfortunately for Busch, his mouth might get him in trouble after he ripped the sport's new-gen 7 car. He even claimed that he felt that the new package was a step backward and that it essentially takes the driving out of the competitor's hands.  Of course, he hasn't driven the car in an official test yet, but he doesn't like what he sees so far.

“Yeah, I’ve kind of seen it, but I’ve not driven it,” Busch said. “From my vantage point, when you take out all the ability for race teams to be creative and ingenuity and the engineering aspect, everything’s gone, you know. So it’s just a race of engine development, I guess. That’s all the manufacturers have any say over the new car is just what engines are in it and what their engines do and that sort of stuff. So I’m not necessarily a fan of it. I think it’s a step in the wrong direction, but that’s what we got.”

Keep in mind that Kyle Busch was also the driver that ripped the Car of tomorrow back in 2008 after he defeated Jeff Burton at Bristol Motor Speedway. Fans and officials alike were thinking Busch would praise the car after gliding it to victory against a veteran wheelman like Burton, but he claimed that it sucked to drive. Everyone was left speechless by that statement too,  and it will be interesting to see how NASCAR decides to respond to these comments. 

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